Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Please understand that nothing in the literature is written in stone; instead, it is meant to be the beginning of a conversation as we work together to plan your special gathering here on the Fox. While the brochure provides an overview of our facility and some of the things we offer, answers to frequently asked questions follow:

What are capacity limits of your space?

  • The RiverView Suite has a posted occupancy allowing for a maximum of 50 guests. The more realistic number for comfort is 28.
  • The Gathering Room has an occupancy rating for 150 guests; however, 20 to 80 is more ideal.
  • The Waterfront Café comfortably seats approximately 40 to 50 guests. Additional seating is available in our Gallery.
  • The entire facility, including our Gallery, accommodates a maximum of 210 guests.

Is there a fee for the venue?

Yes, facility fees are applicable as follows:

  • RiverView Suite: $200 (table linens not included)
  • Gathering Room or Atlas Waterfront Cafe: $300 to $500 depending on time of day and time of year (house linens included)
  • The Gallery (in combination with the Gathering Room or Cafe): $200
  • Buyout of the Cafe & Deck during normal business hours: $2000 (house linens included)

Do you have AV associated with your meeting room?

Yes, we do have a screen, projector and microphone for your use at no additional charge.

How are rooms set up...with round tables, school room style, or u-shaped?

The RiverView Suite features rectangular tables while The Gathering Room is set up with a combination of round or rectangular tables. Both rooms are configured in a variety of layouts to meet your event requirements. The Café features a variety of round tables with an antique walnut oval that seats eight as the room’s centerpiece.

Do you offer food options?

Yes. Our brochure shows a variety of different options ranging from a Simple Hors d’oeuvres Buffet to a full Six-course plated dinner. We have no pre-planned, printed menus; instead, we prefer to craft a personalized menu based on your budget and your palate. The brochure also shows a small sampling of food choices, although many more are available.

Are we able to bring food or is there an option to cater?

Our two kitchens cater all food; however, we offer an option for you to bring in cake or cupcakes at a minimal service fee of $1 per person.

Are alcoholic beverages available?

We are licensed to served beer and wine only along with coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Do you allow live music or other entertainment?

Yes, live music and other forms of entertainment are acceptable. We can connect you with an entertainment company for fun things like Family Feud, Photo Ops, and Caricature & Tattoo Artists in addition to several musical groups who have played a variety of events here.

Do you have an outdoor setting for weddings and other celebrations?

Our facility includes an outdoor deck overlooking the historic Fox River with seating for approximately 40 to 45 people. Our suggestions for nearby outdoor celebrations include:

  • Vulcan Park just to west of Fratellos Restaurant
  • The undeveloped green space to the east of Atlas (previously the site of the Appleton Water Treatment plant)

For more information, please contact Appleton’s Parks & Rec department at 920-832-5905 or visit their website at,-pavilions-and-trails/general-information

Are we able to bring simple decorations?

Yes. Please know that we have table mirrors, vases, and select floral centerpieces available for rent.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $300 to $2000 deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Though it is non-refundable should you wish to cancel, the full deposit is used to offset your event expenses (e.g. Facility Fee, Food, Beverage, Tax and Gratuity). Additional deposits may be required for food and beverage.

How is the final bill determined?

The final bill consists of the following as agreed upon in our detailed and personalized quote:

  • Facility Fee
  • Per Person Food and Beverage charges
  • Special Order items
  • Five (5) percent sales tax
  • Twenty (20) percent gratuity
  • Per person charges are based on the actual number of attendees, but no less than the number provided to us five (5) days prior to your event.

When is the final bill due?

Final payment is due and payable on the day of your event.